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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tasty sandwich I made last night.

Went to the Troy Farmer's Market on Saturday morning with my dad...I would have gone with my boyfriend but he does not like to wake up early and really has little interest in walking around looking at food.

My dad and I split a locally baked whole wheat baguette so I decided that I would need to make some sandwiches on my awesome panini grill. Also at the farmers market I purchased some leeks so those would have to go in the sandwich too. I figured that caramelizing the leeks would be the best move, so I did that. I brushed the bread with olive oil, threw on some basil, prosciutto, genoa salami, the leeks, sliced homegrown roma tomatoes and fontina cheese and then chucked them into the panini grill.

While I used little of the salami and prosciutto, I still feel like the sandwich was too salty and needed something else to even that out a bit. The fontina was delicious and I feel I need to use it more frequently.

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